Fortnite New Update Today v25.11 (3.95) Summer Escape Event 2023 Patch Notes, Server Downtime- 27th June 2023

Epic Games have announced details for the next new Fortnite update which will see the summer event return for 2023.

Last week, Epic Games released the first major Fortnite update for chapter four season three. The v25.10 release included a new item, the Cloak Gauntlets.

A mythic boss was also released last week, Wildguard Relik. Upon defeating the boss, players can get their hands on the mythic version of the Cloak Gauntlets as well as a mythic version of the MK-Alpha.

The Flare Gun was also unvaulted along with Shockwave Grenades, although they’re only available in the Zero Build game mode.

Finally, two new Reality Augments were added; Mud Warrior and SMG extended mag, both of which have proven to be useful so far.

During downtime, data miners did what they usually do; leak new information regarding upcoming skins, challenges, items, and more.

They also leaked that the Fortnite Summer Escape Event for 2023 would be released in the v25.11 Fortnite update, which Epic Games just announced downtime for.

Here’s everything we know so far about the v25.11 Fortnite update along with all the information we have on the Fortnite 2023 Summer Event.

Fortnite Servers Down Right Now – When Will They Be Back Up June 27th, 2023

As you’ll know by now, Epic Games take the Fortnite servers down for scheduled maintenance when there’s a major release.

The v25.11 (3.95) update is no different with Epic Games announcing when the Fortnite servers will go down for scheduled maintenance.

The servers will go offline at 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST / 10 AM CEST. Matchmaking will be disabled shortly beforehand.

Based on previous updates, we’d assume matchmaking will be disabled at roughly 3:30 AM ET, so be sure to finish whatever you’re doing in-game by that time and don’t queue up for another game.

Here’s the official tweet from Epic announcing the release of the 3.95 Fortnite update (v25.11):

Fortnite New 3.95 Update June 27 2023 Servers Down

There’s no information as to when the servers will be back online. However, we’ve noticed that the servers are usually back online roughly two hours after they’re brought offline for maintenance.

Based on that information, we’d assume the servers will be online at roughly 6 AM ET / 11 AM BST / 12 PM CEST. We’ll update this section of the article when they’re officially online.

25.11 Fortnite Download File Size

When the 3.95 (25.11) update is available to download, we’ll share the size of the download of the new files for all platforms below.

  • PS4
  • PS5
  • PC
  • Xbox Series S|X
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Android

Be sure to check back to this section of the article during downtime to see how large the download size is for the June 27th 2023 update.

Fortnite Update 3.95 (25.11) Patch Notes – 27th June 2023

Epic has released some teasers for the July Crew Pack recently. In the 3.95 (v25.11) release, the skin will be added to the files and we should have an official reveal of the cosmetics.

Players will also be able to unlock the Purradise Meowscles Fortnite skin that’s available in the chapter four season three Battle Pass.

Based on the “line up the shot” hint in the tweet announcing downtime, it’s likely the leaked explosive repeater will be making its way into the game in the v25.11 release.

Fortnite Summer Escape Event 2023

Epic are consistent when it comes to keeping the same name for their Christmas event. However, the Fortnite summer events tend to change names fairly regularly.

The first summer event was called ’14 days of summer’, however, last year’s event was called No Sweat Summer. As expected, the event included a number of quests and rewards.

Some of the rewards included back blings, lobby tracks, an emote, and a glider.

We knew from leads that the Fortnite Summer event for 2023 was going to have a different name to last year, and it seems as though Epic hinted at the name, Summer Escape.

We don’t know what free rewards will be available during the Fortnite Summer Escape 2023 event, but we do know the names of the quests.

Thanks to leaks iFireMonkey, we know that The Quench, Lagoon Party Time, and Make an Entrance are the three questlines that are included in the Fortnite Summer Escape 2023 event.

Fortnite Summer Escape Event Update 2023
Fortnite Summer Escape Event Update 2023

We’ll be leaking all of the Fortnite 2023 summer escape challenges, free rewards, and skins as soon as they’re available along with general coverage on today’s 3.95 / v25.11 Fortnite update.

Be sure to head to this page during downtime for all of the latest news and leaks. Let us know in the comments section below what you’re most excited about for the 2023 Fortnite Summer Escape Event.

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