Fortnite 29.20 Update Early Patch Notes & Server Downtime (4.21) 9 April 2024

Here are the early patch notes for today’s v29.20 Fortnite update (4.21 / 1.000.133) as well as information on the server downtime on 9th April 2024.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Epic released the last major Fortnite update for Battle Royale. The last release saw minor additions with Midas’ mythic item being added to the game.

As we’ve come to expect over the past couple of months, the focus of on LEGO Fortnite with the addition of vehicles being added to the game.

Last week, Epic Games released a downloadable update to address some bugs that have been plaguing the game including issues with split-screen and multiple bugs with LEGO Fortnite.

Epic has announced the release of the second major Fortnite update of the season. Here’s everything you need to know about today’s v29.20 (4.21) release including server downtime information.

Fortnite Servers Down Today – April 9th, 2024 – When Will They Be Back Up

Whenever Epic Games releases a new major update for Fortnite, they need to take the servers offline for a couple of hours.

Today’s 29.20 (1.000.133) update is no different, and Epic has announced when the Fortnite servers will go offline for scheduled maintenance.

The servers will go down at 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST / 10 AM CEST with matchmaking being disabled a few minutes prior.

Here’s the tweet from the Fortnite Status Twitter account confirming downtime for v29.20:

Fortnite Servers Down 9 April 2024

As expected, there’s no information as to when the servers will be back online. However, we have an idea based on the past few updates.

We’d expect the servers to be back online on April 9th, 2024 at roughly 6 AM ET / 11 AM BST.

We’ll update this section of the article as soon as they’re back online.

Fortnite Update Early Patch Notes – 29.20 / 1.000.133

Epic Games has announced the arrival of the Avatar x Fortnite collaboration that’ll include the following skins that’ll be available to purchase in the item shop:

  • Aang
  • Toph
  • Zuko
  • Katara

There will be 3 pickaxes, 3 back blings, and 1 emote as part of the set, which doesn’t include any items as part of Aang’s set as that’ll be part of the event pass that’ll need to be purchased separately.

We’ll also see the Avatar Mythic items being added to the game. However, they won’t go live in the game until Friday, April 12th at 9 AM ET.

Here’s the tweet from the official Fortnite account confirming the release date for the mythic items:

Avatar Fortnite Mythic Items

There doesn’t seem to be any new content for LEGO Fortnite, but the first season of Rocket Racing will go live with the release of the 4.21 / 1.000.133 Fortnite update.

For now, we only have the key art which can be seen below:

As with any major update, we should see numerous upcoming skins and other cosmetics get leaked along with upcoming items.

We’ll be sure to cover all the leaks as soon as they’re available during downtime.

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