Is the Pump Shotgun Back in Fortnite – June 27th, 2023

Players are wondering if Epic Games have added the pump shotgun back into Fortnite in today’s v25.11 update.

Last night, Epic Games announced that they will be releasing a new patch release today, v25.11. The servers are currently down for maintenance, and data miners are leaking the new content.

A new weapon will be available once the servers are back up, the repeatable explosive rifle. We don’t have stats for the new item yet, but we’ll be sure to update you when we do.

Surprisingly, the pump shotgun also appears to be back in Fortnite chapter four season three. The fan-favorite weapon was first added to the game in the pre-season.

The pump shotgun was been vaulted from the game on numerous occasions. It was last vaulted during chapter 4 season 2.

The Pump Shotgun is Back in Fortnite – Chapter 4 Season 3

The popular item was first unvaulted when the new season launched but only in Team Rumble. With today’s v25.11 release, it’s been added to the files.

We’re not sure if it’ll release with the summer event or if it’ll be available as soon as downtime ends. However, we do have the name and stats for the item.

Instead of being called the Pump Shotgun, it’s called the Sharp Tooth Shotgun. It’s available in all rarities except mythic.

Here are the stats:

We’ll update this article once downtime ends to see if it’s available in the game.

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