Where to Find Birthday Presents and Consume Birthday Cake Locations in Fortnite 2023

Here’s how and where to find both Birthday Presents and Birthday cakes in Fortnite chapter 4 season 4.

Epic Games announced Fortnite Battle Royale’s 6th birthday event a couple of hours ago which included information on what the event includes.

Birthday cake, birthday presents, and balloons have all been unvaulted during the birthday event. We also have a brand new Reality Augment for the event.

The Jump Balloon reality augment is available in the game and provides players with a balloon automatically when they jump. You can continue to jump to obtain a balloon until you reach the maximum number of balloons.

As expected, Fortnite Battle Royale’s 6th birthday event also includes some quests that once completed, will provide players with free cosmetic rewards.

This year, players can get their hands on the following rewards:

  • Complete 1 Birthday Quest: Birthday Basher Pickaxe
  • Complete 3 Birthday Quests: Birthday Dash Spray
  • Complete 5 Birthday Quests: Slice O’ Six Back Bling

Fortnite's 6th Birthday Free Rewards 2023

One of the quests requires players to collect Birthday Presents whilst another requires players to consume Birthday cakes. Here’s where you can find both items quickly.

Where to find and collect Birthday Presents in Fortnite 2023

Birthday presents were readded to Fortnite in today’s hotfix update. They can be found in floor loot and chests.

However, an easy method to find and collect Birthday presents is to land at any open area on the map such as Frenzy Fields.

Once landed, it’ll be easier to find and collect Birthday presents. Here’s what it looks like in-game:

Birthday Presents Locations Fortnite 2023

The trick to complete this challenge is once you’ve picked up a Birthday Present in Fortnite, drop it and pick it up again until you complete the challenge.

Where to find and consume Birthday Cake in different matches Fortnite 2023

Birthday Cake can be found at every named location on the chapter 4 season 4 map. There will be several cake slices at each location, so completing the consume birthday cake challenge should be very easy to complete.

Thanks to Fortnite.gg, here’s the exact location of where to find Birthday Cake in Fortnite:

Consume Birthday Cake in Fortnite Locations 2023

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