Fortnite 6th Birthday Event Update Patch Notes – All Quests & Rewards (September 19 2023)

Here’s all the information you need to know about Fortnite’s 6th Birthday event including a list of quests and rewards.

Every year, Epic Games hosts a Fortnite Birthday event to mark the creation of the popular Battle Royale mode.

This year is no different and Epic Games have announced Fortnite’s 6th Birthday event including what to expect from the event.

A number of times have returned from the vault, we have Fortnite Birthday quests to complete that’ll provide players with free cosmetic rewards, and more.

Here’s all you need to know about today’s new Fortnite update including the birthday event.

New Fortnite Update Patch Notes – 19th September 2023

Aside from the Birthday event, Epic Games has unvaulted the Shell Slide and Bloodhound reality augments. When Shell Slide is activated, you’ll gain Shotgun shells while sliding. With Bloodhound, enemies hit by your DMR shots will be marked for a short duration.


26BR FNBirthdayBlog Header BirthdayCake

Who doesn’t love cake? This red velvet delight can be found around the Island and swiftly consumed to recover some Health and Shield.


26BR FNBirthdayBlog Header BirthdayPresents

Aw, you didn’t think we’d forgotten, did you? Scoop up one of these enticing boxes of mystery and unfurl the ribbon (i.e. give it a good smack with your Pickaxe) to find out what lies inside! Find Birthday Presents! from the ground and Chests.


26BR FNBirthdayBlog Header Balloons

Discover one of these deceptively load-bearing inflatables and find yourself immediately more airborne and agile. Balloons can be found from the ground (ironically) and Chests.


26BR FNBirthdayBlog Header JumpBalloon Augment

Are you above finding Balloons? Activate the new Jump Balloon Reality Augment to get a Balloon automatically when you jump, until you reach the max number of Balloons.

Birthday Cake, Birthday Presents!, Balloons, and the Jump Balloon Reality Augment will remain in Battle Royale until v26.20!

As this is a hotfix update, there is no new update to download.

Fortnite’s 6th Birthday Event Quests 2023

We have a few new quests to complete for Fortnite’s 6th birthday event. Here’s a list of all the challenges that’ll be available:

  • Wish the bus driver a happy birthday (1)
  • Dance with characters in different matches (2)
  • Collect Birthday Presents! (3)
  • Land during Fortnite’s Birthday (4)
  • COnsume Birthday Cake (5)
  • Use balloons (6)
  • Play matches (6)
  • Down opponents (6)

Fortnite Free 6th Birthday Cosmetic Rewards

From eating Birthday Cake, collecting Birthday Presents!, all the way to wishing the bus driver a happy birthday — Birthday Quests are live now until September 26, 2023, at 12 AM ET! Complete individual Quests for XP, and complete certain amounts of Quests for special Locker items:

  • Complete 1 Birthday Quest: Birthday Basher Pickaxe
  • Complete 3 Birthday Quests: Birthday Dash Spray
  • Complete 5 Birthday Quests: Slice O’ Six Back Bling

Here’s a look at the rewards:

Fortnite's 6th Birthday Free Rewards 2023

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