How to Open Hidden Ruins Worthy Item Vault in Fortnite – Southern Ruins (Flames Puzzle)

Hidden Ruins were added to the game in Fortnite chapter 4 season 3. Here’s where you can find them and how to open them.

Epic Games have added a handful of new features in today’s v25.00 update including the ability to use the wood wines to move around the new jungle POI quicker and use Raptors to get around the map.

We’ve also seen the loot pool refreshed with numerous new weapons and items including a Transformers item and a thermal DMR.

Along with a few map changes including the previously mentioned jungle POI, we have a new type of vault players can access.

We’ve had vaults in each season of Fortnite for some time now. In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, players can find and open hidden ruins vaults.

The hidden vaults in Fortnite chapter 4 season 3 house a large number of chests that players can open to get the best loot as quickly as possible.

Here’s where you can find the hidden ruins vault in season three as well as how to open it.

Where is the Hidden Ruins Vault in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3?

The hidden ruins vault in Fortnite chapter 4 season 3 can be found north of the new Creeky Compound location. Here’s where you need to drop on the map:

Hidden Ruins Vault Fortnite Map Location

You’ll find a green stone building with an open entrance. Head up the stairs and you’ll find a glowing part of the wall.

How to open the Worthy Item Hidden Ruins Vault in Fortnite

In order to open the worthy item hidden ruins vault, players will need to prepare ahead of time due to the items you need to open it.

When you head to the first block of the vault, players will see a prompt that says “give item” In order to get past this first part, you’ll need to give an item of Epic rarity to open the first part.

Open Hidden Ruins Vault

The item will be taken from your inventory and the door will automatically open to allow you to proceed inside the first part of the vault.

Go through the door, head up the stairs, and jump down the hole that you see in the ground as shown in the image below.

Once you’ve dropped down, head past the statue on the north side of the small room and you’ll be in a room with flames.

There are four flame braziers, two on each side.

Flame Braziers Fortnite

There will be some which won’t be lit. You’ll need to remember which flames are not lit on the four flame braziers as you’ll need this for later. You can do this by marking them by shooting at the ones that are unlit at the time.

Head back out of that section of the room (southwest) and you’ll see a bunch of rocks that’ll lead to a hole in the stone wall.

Now you’ll want to go back to the room with the hole in the wall. You can do this by going through the hole in the wall, going left, and then following the path until you find the stairs.

Head up the stairs and open the wall to your left. Take the stairs immediately to your left and then head up the next flight of stairs. You’ll find yourself back in the room with the hole in it.

Instead of dropping down the hole, walk across the wooden plank to get to the flame on the wall.

You’ll need to give another item in order to open the second hidden ruins vault Fortnite door. This time, you’ll need to give a legendary item.

The door will open once you’ve done this. Go straight into the room with the flames.

Flames Puzzle Fortnite

Solve Flames Puzzle in Hidden Ruins Vault in Fortnite

When you’re in the rooms with the flames, you’ll need to solve the flames puzzle. If you remember from earlier in the guide, you needed to remember which braziers were not lit.

To complete the flames puzzle and open the worthy item Hidden Ruins Vault, you’ll need to extinguish the braziers that were not lit in the room prior.

In order to do this, simply go up to the side with the braziers that were not lit and use your interact button.

Solve Flames Brazier Puzzle Fortnite

If you accidentally extinguish the wrong one, you can ignite it again by using the interact button.

Once you’ve correctly done the flames puzzle, the door in the room will automatically open to a room full of different chests.

Open Worthy Item Southern Ruins Vault

There’s another worthy item ruins vault on the southern side of the Fortnite chapter 4 season 3 map. In order to open this, you’ll want to head southeast of Rumble Ruins.

Southern Ruins Vault Fortnite Guide

For the first door, you need to give an Epic rarity item or higher. Once done, you’ll need to check which braziers are not lit upstairs.

When you’ve found which ones aren’t lit, interact with the corresponding ones and turn them off to open the door.

The statue part is a 50/50 chance to get right. Interact with either statue and if it’s wrong, go back and interact with the one you didn’t interact with.

Here’s HarryNinetyFour’s guide if you need further assistance:

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