Bring the Prism to Trace at the Apparatus Fortnite Location

Players are tasked with different challenges for the explorer quests. Bring the prism to trace at the Apparatus is one of the quests players need to complete. Here’s a quick guide to help you complete it.

A new season of Fortnite launched earlier today with map changes, new reality augments, the ability to ride Raptors, new items including a kinetic blade, and more.

As we’d come to expect from a new season, we also have new challenges to complete. Alongside the standard weekly challenges, players have other quests to complete.

There are a number of challenges available to complete in the Snapshots and Transforms quest lines to earn more XP this season.

There’s also one explorer quest that’s available for players to complete. The challenge in the explorer quest line requires players to collect a Fortanium Prism and bring it to Trade at the Apparatus.

We’ve written a quick guide on how to complete this challenge as quickly as possible below.

Fortnite Where to Find and Bring the Prism to Trace at the Apparatus

In order to get started with the bring the prism to trace at the apparatus challenge started, you’ll want to drop at the location shown below.

Prism Fortnite Map Location

At the location above, you’ll find the prism you need to bring to trace at the apparatus under the main building. Here’s what it looks like:

Simply walk up to the prism and use the interact button in order to collect it. You’ll then want to run around the building and head up the stairs.

You’ll find Trace located on top of the building where you collected the prism from.

Where is Trace in Fortnite

Interact with Trace and you’ll only have one option, which is to hand over the prism.

Hand over the Prism

Continue through the dialogue and you’ll have completed the challenge.

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