Collect Transformers Tokens – All Fortnite Map Locations

Transformers Tokens were added to Fortnite Battle Royale with the release of today’s v25.00 update. Here are all the locations where you can find and collect them.

A new season of Fortnite is underway. Epic Games released the v25.00 chapter 4 season 3 update earlier today after just over five hours of server downtime.

As you’d come to expect from a new season, there were a couple of major map changes, changes to the loot pool with the addition of new items, new augment reality perks, and more.

We also have a new set of challenges to complete with both the weekly and Snapshots quests.

We also have Transformers quests to complete. The first part of the Fortnite Transformers quests was released today, and the next part is set to release next week on Friday.

For the most part, the challenges are straightforward to complete. However, one quest requires players to collect the Transformers tokens found around the map.

There’s a total of thirteen Transformers tokens to collect. Each stage of this challenge is simply collecting the next token.

Here’s a guide on where to find and collect all the Transformers Tokens in Fortnite chapter 4 season 3.

Where to Find Transformers Tokens in Fortnite – All Locations

To find the first transformers token, you’ll want to drop into the snow biome. Here’s the exact location where you’ll want to drop on the map:

Collect Transformers Tokens

You’ll find the first token by two ramps on the ice. Here’s what the tokens look like:

Transformers Tokens in Fortnite

Once you’ve collected the first one, the second one will appear on the map, and it’s close to the one above, on the ice.

Here’s where you can find the first six tokens:

Collect the First Transformers Token

  1. On the east side of the frozen lake near the snow.
  2. Forward (south) of the one above
  3. Continue forwards to collect the third.
  4. The fourth one is slightly southwest near the wooden cabin.
  5. Head further west past the cabin and you’ll find the fifth.
  6. Continue forwards (southwest), and you’ll find the sixth on the edge of the snow and jungle biome.

Here’s a rough path to follow to find the first six Transformers Tokens:

Fortnite Transformers Tokens All Locations

The final seven can be found on a similar path to the one above. Here’s where to find the final seven:

  • On the dirty path that’s near the edge of the snow biome and south of the sixth token.
  • Southwest from the seventh token.
  • Near a large tree located east of Creeky Compound.
  • Near the smaller patch of the snow biome southeast of the ninth.
  • On the mud path that leads towards the river.
  • The opposite side of the river by the new ancient temple.

Here’s the path and location of the tokens mentioned above:

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