Fortnite: How to Find the Flames Flames Riddle Pass – Temple Door Guide

Here’s how players can find the flames in Fortnite to get a flames pass in order to open complete the flames riddle and open the secret door.

Fortnite chapter 4 season 3 has introduced a host of new features, items, map changes, and challenges. Part of the map changes include temples that have loot rooms inside of them.

There are two hidden ruins that players can find on the map, both of which are close to the new Creeky Compound named location.

Here’s the map location of both the southern and northern hidden ruins vaults:

Hidden Ruins Vault Fortnite Map Location Southern Ruins Vault Fortnite Guide

In order to open the hidden ruins vaults, players will need to complete the flame puzzles else you won’t be able to able to open the main door, you’ll just be promoted with the “find flames” text when investigating the door.

Here’s how to complete the Fortnite flame puzzles by finding flames and getting the flames pass in Fortnite chapter 4 season 3.

Southern Fortnite Ruin Flames Puzzle Guide – Flames Pass

Head to the southern hidden ruins vault by dropping at the location we included in the above image. You’ll find a set of stone stairs heading downwards, walk down those stairs.

Fortnite Flames Pass

You’ll be prompted to give an item to open the first door you see on your left when you head down the stairs seen in the image above.

The glow from the door is purple which means you’ll need to give any item that’s Epic rarity. This can be any item as long as it’s of Epic rarity.

Flames Puzzle Guide Fortnite

Once you’ve given the Epic item, the door will open and you’ll be able to access the vault that contains a handful of different chests.

The room you enter when giving the Epic item will have four braziers. To open the vault, you need to find the flames and get the flames pass in order to solve the flames puzzle and open the door.

You’ll need to head back upstairs and then take the zipline up. You’ll now be at the top of the ruins as seen in the image below.

Drop down one floor and you’ll see four small rooms located in each corner. Each room contains a brazier that either will or won’t be lit with a purple flame.

You’ll need to quickly look at the brazier in each room and then remember which braziers are off. These correspond to the ones below.

There’s a total of five braziers, the fifth one is the middle on that’s one floor below where the other four are. Remember to check to see if that one is lit or not.

Once you’ve remembered which braziers were lit or not, head back down the stairs and into the room with the door that prompts you to find flames.

Extinguish the braziers that were not lit upstairs to match what you saw. If you make a mistake, you can just ignite the brazier again.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have completed the “find flames” puzzle and got your flames pass. The door seen in the image above will open. Heas through the door and select the “attempt to open door” on the statue on either one.

This is guess work, there’s no fixed statute that’ll open the door. If you select the wrong one, you’ll be rifted into the sky. Simply go back and attempt to open the door on the other side to open the hidden ruins vault on the southern side.

If you’re still confused on how to complete the southern hidden ruins vault door by completing the flames puzzle, we’ve included HarryNinetyFour’s YouTube guide below. Below that, we have a guide for the northern vault without needing to give items.

How to Solve the Flames Riddle in Fortnite – Find Flames Pass

Next up is the other hidden ruins vault found northwest of Creeky Compound. We included the location at the top of the article.

You can open this one without offering the items in order to find flames and get the flames pass. Head to the location of the hidden ruins on the south side where you need to go up a flight of stairs.

You’ll see the first door where it asks you to give an item. Instead of doing this, turn around and head back downstairs. When you’re at the end of the stairs, turn right and break the wall.

Once you’ve done this turn right and follow the path until you see the hole in the wall. You’ll see the room with part of the flames puzzle.

Like we did for the southern hidden ruins vault, remember which braziers are lit and unlit with the purple flames.

How to Solve Flames Riddle Fortnite

Head back to the room with the statue. You’ll find some tall rocks, climb on them.

Turn around and shoot the wall behind you. In the image below, you’ll see the statue on the left of the screen and the wall (the one above) you want to shoot to break open.

Once you’ve broken the wall, jump up and head straight through the wall opening. You’ll now be in the flames puzzle room.

Simply extinguish the braziers that weren’t lit earlier in the guide and you’ll find the flames and have the “flames” pass in order to open the hidden ruins vault.

Here’s a guide from Perfect Score if you’re still confused.

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