Secretlab x Fortnite TITAN Evo 2022 Battle Bus Edition Chair Review

Here is what the Secretlab x Fortnite Battle Bus Titan Evo 2022 gaming chair looks like and a review of what the chair includes.

Pros Cons
+ Easy to assemble – Magnetic head pillow can get knocked
+ Inbuilt lumbar support
+ Comfortable
+ 4D Arm Rests
+ Design

Secretlab have managed to establish themselves as one of the best companies to go to for quality gaming chairs. Secretlab have committed $20m into research and development for their chairs, which allows them to incorporate the latest technologies and features into new releases.

Secretlab 2022 Series
Secretlab 2022 Series

They launched the TITAN Evo 2022 series in July 2022 and have stated that it is their “most technologically advanced chair to date” with many improvements being made including an overhauled lumbar support system, proprietary pebble seat base, upgraded upholsteries and more. The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 now comes in three different sizes, small, regular and XL so you can choose the best size for you.

Secretlab x Fortnite TITAN Evo 2022 Battle Bus Edition Gaming Chair

Epic Games have partnered with many different companies in order to bring exclusive content to the game as well as merchandise for fans and have now added Secretlab to the list! Secretlab have just announced the new TITAN Evo 2022 Battle Bus Edition and we have been sent a chair to review.

The assembly of the chair was very easy and took around 20 minutes in total. There are clear instructions given to you in the box and also a video tutorial if you prefer watching them instead to help you. Here is what the the Secretlab x Fortnite Battle Bus gaming chair looks like:

Fortnite x Secretlab Battle Bus Chair
Fortnite x Secretlab Battle Bus Chair

The chair itself is a dark purple colour, which is supposed to resemble the Storm in Fortnite and it is upholstered in the Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette material. On the front of the chair, you will see the embroidery of ‘FORTNITE’ in blue with ‘VICTORY ROYALE’ on the top right of the chair, which has also been embroidered on. There is also a pattern to imitate the Storm in Fortnite on the inner left and right sides of the chair which run from the top of the chair on the backrest down to the seat. On the of the back of the backrest, there is an embroidered design of the iconic Battle Bus.

You will also receive the Secretlab magnetic memory foam head pillow, which can be attached from anywhere near the top of the chair till just above the ‘FORTNITE’ embroidery. ‘FORTNITE’ is also embossed on the top of the backrest, which is a nice addition to the chair.

There are also Fortnite themed memory foam lumbar pillows that you can purchase in addition to the chair and there are three different designs you can purchase which are:

  • Cuddle Team Leader
  • Peely
  • Llama
Secretlab x Fortnite Lumbar Pillow Collection
Secretlab x Fortnite Lumbar Pillow Collection

Keep in mind, these chairs do have an inbuilt lumbar support system where you can adjust the curve of the support with the dials on the side, one of which adjusts the lumbar curvature and the other which adjusts the height, so you can tailor it to your needs.

With every purchase, there is also a code for an exclusive wrap, called the Chipset wrap, which you can redeem in-game. There is only one available with each purchase, so make sure you apply it to the correct account if you have more than one.

Overall the changes made to the chair, especially the inbuilt lumbar system, makes it a very comfortable chair to game in and makes it unique from competitors as you are able to modify the support to your needs. The only con for the chair is the magnetic head pillow sometimes being nudged so you may need to adjust the positioning to get it to the right place.

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