New Fortnite Halloween Inkquisitor Mythic Boss Location – How to Get Inkquisitor’s Suppressed SMG

There’s a new Halloween-themed boss available for Fortnite chapter 3 season 4. Here’s where to find Inkquisitor along with stats for the new mythic item, Inkquisitor’s Suppressed SMG.

Fortnitemares 2022 is officially underway. The Halloween-themed event sees the return of previously released items including candy and the Pumpkin Launcher.

Three cosmetic rewards are available to players upon completing a certain number of Fortnitemares quests. There will be a total of twenty-eight quests for the Halloween event this year with two new challenges released each day for the next fourteen days.

The new update introduced a new item to the game, Howler Claws. They can be obtained by dancing at Alteration Altars found at Reality Trees.

The claws have three different abilities, two of which are slash abilities. The Wolfscent ability allows players to track nearby enemies and those being tracked by it will have an audible heartbeat that’ll get louder as the wolfscent user gets closer.

Howler Claws in Fortnite

That’s not the only new content we have today, though. Epic Games have added four different Fortnitemares NPCs that have been scattered around the map.

There’s also another Halloween mythic boss that’s available to defeat. Those that successfully defeat the new mythic boss, Inkquisitor, will be rewarded with Inkquisitor’s Suppressed SMG.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Inkquisitor mythic boss in Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 including where to find them, how to defeat them, and the stats of the mythic Inkquisitor’s Suppressed SMG.

Where is the Inkquisitor Mythic Boss Location in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

The new Inkquisitor Fortnite Halloween boss can be found at Grim Gables which is located northwest of Chrome Crossroads.

Inkquisitor Fortnite Location

You’ll need to drop down into the attic of the Grim Gables house which you can access by stepping on the red rug that you’ll find upon entering the door located on the south of the Grim Gables house.

Once you’re down there, the Inkquisitor boss will spawn.

How to Defeat the Inkquisitor Mythic Boss

The Inkquisitor boss has a lot of health and shield and will either launch the pumpkin launcher at you or throw a bunch of fireflies at you. His aim is appalling, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll actually get hit by anything he throws at you.

As long as you keep moving, you shouldn’t be hit by the pumpkin launcher or fireflies.

How to Defeat Inkquisitor Boss

Inkquisitor’s Suppressed SMG Mythic

Once you defeat Inkquisitor, the Inkquisitor’s Suppressed SMG will be dropped on the floor. The SMG deals 24 damage, and 42 headshot damage, has a magazine size of 30, a fire rate of 7.8, and a reload time of 1.8 seconds.

Inkquisitor's Suppressed SMG Stats and Location

There’s no doubt there will be numerous players in each match looking to drop at the chapter 3 season 4 Inkquisitor boss to try and get the mythic suppressed SMG, so be careful when attempting to get the item for yourself.

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