New Fortnite 4.12 Update Today Patch Notes – 30 January 2024 (1.000.123)

Epic Games has released a new downloadable Fortnite update today, 4.12 (1.000.123), on January 30th, 2024. Here are the patch notes for the release.

It’s been a week since Epic Games released the first major Fortnite update of the season with the v28.10 release.

The update didn’t include much for the core Battle Royale game mode. However, there were a large number of changes to LEGO Fortnite.

Although a Jump Pad was the only new addition to LEGO Fortnite, there was a long list of changes and quality-of-life improvements Epic Games released.

A few skins also received a LEGO Style including Thanos, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Loki, and Finn, and more outfits will get a LEGO style over the coming months.

Every major new Fortnite update is usually followed by a content update although they usually just bring back a previously vaulted item.

Today, Epic Games announced a new Fortnite update, 4.12 (1.000.123) will be released today. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest release.

Fortnite 4.12 (1.000.123) Update Today Patch Notes (01.30.24)

Epic tweeted on the official Fortnite Status Twitter account that an update, 4.12 ( 1.000.123) has been released today to fix several stability and crashing issues.

Here’s the tweet:

Fortnite 4.12 1.000.123 Update Patch Notes 30 Jan 2024

Here are the issues we know Epic is working on based on their Trello board, some of which might have made their way into the 4.12 (1.000.123) update today.


  • Player icons may not update in the friends menu.
  • Players may get stuck in build mode
  • The Fire button may be missing for some new players on Android
  • Arrow selectors are missing in the settings
  • Private games still show as Public
  • Players may be sometimes unable to Ready Up in Team Rumble and Party Royale.


  • The Lights on Omegarok’s second outfit style can disconnect from the outfit
  • Tie clips in on the “Marshal Never More” outfit
  • Shuffle Loadout option missing


  • Ranker’s Tags, Competitor’s Skyblades, and Competitor’s Time Brella may show an incorrect Rank.
  • Map does not remain zoomed in after zooming in, closing and reopening.
  • Characters are temporarily not able to be hired.
  • Ranked Solo Zero Build activation schedule is 1 hour behind of what is stated in the game.


    • Mobile – Players can’t eat after throwing or pushing a crate
    • Other players may spawn into your world far away from you
  • “Joining from the lobby” may appear to be Disabled.
  • Villagers not working at the Metal Smelter
  • Error Creating Worlds
  • Starting Location sometimes far away from resources.
  • Keybinds Not Saving


  • Inverted control settings aren’t sticking
  • PS5 Controller vibration may feel intense for some players.
  • Painted OEM wheels only display the base OEM wheels when previewing them in Giftbox
  • Occasionally after skipping the Rocket Racing trailer, screen turns black and is unresponsive.
  • Ranked quests show incomplete after reaching the next rank.
  • Tracks sometimes have unexpected collisions
  • Player may be forced back to lobby from Post Match when a friend attempts to Late Join Players Ranked Races
  • Default outfit will not update/change when selecting other experiences upon returning to lobby
  • Vehicle appears blurry at start of race
  • Console and Mobile players may experience hitches while navigating Discover Menu


    • Jam Stage Mixers – Players need to equip Jam Tracks before hopping into the Jam Stage to access songs and start making music.
  • Audio Stuttering On Switch After Extended Play
  • Not seeing any songs available upon launching Fortnite Festival Main Stage.
  • ‘Toggle’ custom keybind interfering with ‘Open Songlist’


  • Preset does not appear as equipped
  • The headshot explosion perk may not be working as intended
  • Increase in crashes in Save the World
  • View Distance Rendering

The only content-related change today is the Business Turrets returning from the vault.

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