How to Ride and Tame a Raptor in Fortnite – All Dinosaur Locations

You can now ride Raptors in Fortnite. Here’s where to find them and how to tame them in chapter 4 season 3.

Epic Games made Fortnite wildlife ridable when chapter four was released in December 2022. It’s an easy way to get around the map if there are no vehicles nearby.

Originally, the boars were the only rideable animals but players could grab chickens and use them similar to how the balloons item.

A few weeks before the release of chapter four season three, an insider at Epic Games leaked that Raptor dinosaurs would be added back to the game, and players would be able to tame and ride them.

Now that the new season is here, we know the best location of where to find Raptors in Fortnite, and how to tame them in order to ride them.

Fortnite Raptor Dinosaur Locations Chapter 4 Season 3

Where to Find Raptor Dinosaurs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

There are only specific locations where players can find the Raptor dinosaurs in Fortnite chapter 4 season 3. They are found exclusively in the new locations added to the map in the middle and north sides of the map.

The best locations to visit in order to find a Raptor in Fortnite are:

  • Rumble Ruins
  • Creeky Compound
  • Shady Stilts

Here are the map locations circled below:

Raptor Dinosaur Spawn Locations in Fortnite

How to Tame Raptors in Fortnite

Unlike taming other wildlife in the past, there are technically more than two ways to tame Raptors in Fortnite.

The first method requires players to find the Raptors eggs that are found on the floor in various different locations at the same places marked on the map above.

To tame a Raptor dinosaur, players need to go up to the egg and use the interact button to hatch the egg. Once you’ve done this, a Raptor will hatch and will automatically be friendly with you.

How to Tame Raptors in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

How to Ride a Raptor in Fortnite

The second method is one we know from taming boars in previous seasons of Fortnite. Get raw meat and throw it close proximity to a Raptor.

How to ride a Raptor in Fortnite

It’ll start eating the meat and you’ll be able to jump onto it’s back easily. This will tame the Raptor and allow players to ride Raptors in Fortnite.

Again, the simplest way for those wondering how to ride a Raptor in Fortnite is to hatch an egg. It’s less effort and easier to do.

Once you’ve tamed the Raptor, you can ride and control it using the controls below:

  • Jump: X / A / Space Bar
  • Dismount Jump (In Air): X / A / Space Bar
  • High Jump (While Sprinting): X / A / Space Bar
  • Dismount: Square / X / E
  • Sprint: L3 / Left Stick Press / Shift

Enjoy the ride!

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