How to Get Free Fortnite Nanner Ringer Emote – Redeem Code And How to Redeem

Epic Games is providing players with the Nanner Ringer Emote for free. Here’s the code to use in order to redeem it.

Epic Games launched Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground a few hours ago and saw immediate success.

Within an hour of the servers going live, according to the popular Fortnite database site, the concurrent player count hit over 6.2 million players.

However, there have been numerous server and matchmaking issues. Some players have been stuck in a queue for over an hour, while others have reported a “queue is full” matchmaking error.

Fortnite Chapter 5 is packed with content thanks to a new map, new movement mechanics, new loot pool items, vehicles, Battle Pass, and more.

There are also three new game modes releasing next week including a Lego Fortnite open-world survival map. Epic has created a new Twitter account for each of the new game modes, and Lego Fortnite has already amassed more than 150,000 followers.

Epic is kicking off its collaboration with Lego by introducing over 1,200 skin styles for Fortnite skins currently available to purchase in-game.

If a player has a skin that Epic has created a Lego style for, they’ll be able to access it in their locker. It’ll be usable when the Lego Fortnite game mode launched on December 7th.

Epic is also providing players with a free Lego and Fortnite Battle Royale skin by signing up to Lego Insiders. You can read more about that over here.

Players have also stumbled across another cosmetic item Epic Games is giving away for free, the Nanner Ringer emote.

Here’s how you can get yours.

How to Get Nanner Ringer Free Fortnite Emote – Redeem Code

Nanner Ringer Free Fortnite Emote

To get your hands on the free Fortnite Nanna Ringer emote, players simply need to redeem a code on the Fortnite Redeem section of the site.

The code has 25 million uses, so it’s likely the vast majority of players will be able to redeem the free Nanner Ring emote.

The Redeem Code you need to enter is BANANNANANANA.

You’ll need to log in to your Epic Games account and enter the BANANNANANANA redemption code over here.

Here’s the emote in action:

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