Why is There a Fortnite Queue I’m Waiting In, Is Fortnite Down? Queue Full – 3rd December 2023 – Server Queue Times

Players are yet again waiting in a Fortnite queue on December 3rd, 2023 or receiving a queue is full message, and players are wondering why and if there’s any bypass around it. Other players are wondering if the Fortnite servers are down again.

After hitting new records with the launch of Fortnite Season OG, it finally coming to an end. Chapter 4 concluded with the OG map being removed from the game with the conclusion of the Big Bang live event.

Not only did Fortnite hit a new concurrent player peak last season, but they also hit another milestone; 100 million players playing Fortnite in the month of November.

FN Record November

The return of the OG Fortnite map went down better than Epic could have ever imagined. So much so that Epic Games announced on Twitter that the OG map of Fortnite will once again make a return in 2024.

Epic Games has not committed to a date, but with the first season of Chapter 5 scheduled to end on March 8th, 2024, there’s a good chance that season 2 will include the return of the OG map of Fortnite.

It’s unlikely Epic Games would bring it back when they’ve worked hard on creating the Chapter 5 map. They also have plenty more new content in store with the launch of three new game modes.

The Lego Fortnite open-world survival game mode will launch next week on Thursday followed by the Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival modes launching a day after one another.

Alongside the game modes mentioned above, we had a new map, new movement mechanics, new items in the loot pool, new vehicles, bosses, and other new content to experience along with a new Battle Pass including a Peter Griffin skin.

However, a large number of players haven’t been able to experience Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground yet due to all the server and waiting in queue issues.

Other players are having trouble even logging into Fortnite with several error messages being shown to players.

Here’s everything we know about the current Fortnite Server Status and other issues including players waiting in a queue.

Is Fortnite Down Right Now? – December 3rd 2023

It doesn’t look like the Fortnite servers are down right now, however, there is a queue that’s been deployed to avoid any potential Fortnite server issues.

Why is there a Fortntie queue I’m Waiting In Today? 3 December 2023

When Epic is experiencing a high volume of players trying to log in to Fortnite at the same time, they usually deploy a queue that players will need to wait in.

We’ve seen Epic Games deploy a queue to fix any server stability issue for players who are lucky enough to log in and play the game.

Why is there a queue in Fortnite I'm Waiting in Today

Today, the Fortnite waiting-in queue issue is caused by the number of players trying to log in to experience the new season of Fortnite; Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground.

We’ve seen players asking why there is a queue in Fortnite whenever Epic Games releases a new season on a weekend. With the peak player count already hitting 6.2 million, it’s likely the Fortnite servers can’t handle the current load.

Is there a way to Bypass Fortnite Waiting in Queue?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to jump the waiting in queue sign. Some players are reporting a queue time of more than 30 minutes, whilst others are reporting 20 or less.

We wouldn’t advise restarting your game as you’ll need to rejoin the queue and will likely have to wait even longer to drop into Fortnite to experience every chapter 5 has to offer.

Fortnite Queue Full (12/3/23)

If you’ve been lucky enough to be one of the players not be waiting in a Fortnite queue to log in to the game, other players are reporting Queue is full message when matchmaking.

Queue is Full Fortnite December 3 2023

We’ve seen dozens of tweets directed towards the FortniteGame and Fortnite Status account about the Queue is Full message when matchmaking on December 3rd, 2023.

Again, there is no way around the queue is full Fortnite message, and players will need to wait until Epic resolves all the issues they’re experiencing including long waiting in queue and queue is full messages.

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