Galaxy Knight Axion Sentinel Fortnite Level Up Skin Quest Pack Leaked

A new Fortnite level up pack has been leaked by data miners. The latest pack contains the Axion Sentinel “Galaxy Knight” skin and matching cosmetics.

Epic Games release new cosmetics in the item shop on a regular basis. They’re either available to purchase with V-Bucks or with real money.

Each season, there are several bundles or packs that are available to purchase. One of those packs is the Level Up Quest Pack.

These packs can be purchased from V-Bucks from the item shop but are only available for a limited time. When purchasing these level up quest packs, you’ll unlock the skin straight away.

However, in order to unlock the other cosmetics, you need to collect the level up tokens that are found throughout the Fortnite map.

Prior to today’s v23.40 patch update, data miners stated that a new Fortnite level up quest pack will be added to the files and made available to purchase.

A Galaxy Knight Axion Sentinel skin level up quest pack has now been leaked. Here’s a look at all of the cosmetics in the pack.

Axion Sentinel Galaxy Knight Fortnite Skin

Epic Games release skin concepts in their skin survey to get an idea of what skins the Fortnite community would be willing to purchase.

One of those skins was a “Galaxy Knight” skin. That skin is now the feature of the latest level up quest pack. Here’s a look at the concept skin:

Galaxy Knight Fortnite Skin

Here’s a look at the Axion Sentinel skin in-game:

Axion Sentinel Fortnite Skin

And here’s a look at the other two skin styles:

The other cosmetics in the pack are:

  • Celestial Shell Back Bling
  • Axion Sigil Wrap
  • Blackstar Edge Pickaxe

Galaxy Knight Fortnite Level Up Quest Pack

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