All New Fortnite Exotic Items and Heisted Weapons Leaked in v23.40 (Chapter 4 Season 1)

Epic Games have introduced a number of new exotic weapons in today’s v23.40 update.

Back in Chapter 2 season 6, Epic Games released their first-ever batch of Exotic items. Exotic items are upgraded versions of current items available in the game.

The only difference is the exotic items will have unique attributes that’ll give them an edge over a legendary version of the same weapon or item.

We haven’t seen any new exotics in Fortnite Battle Royale for some time. However, that’s about to change with today’s v23.40 patch update.

Data miners have leaked five exotic items from today’s update. Here’s a look at each and its unique attribute.

Chapter 4 Season 1 Fortnite New Exotic Weapons

Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle

The Explosive Assault Rifle exotic weapon is the Red Eye Assault Rifle which fires explosive projectiles.

Explosive Assault Rifle Fortnite

Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG

This Exotic SMG is infused with Slap and reloads your magazine while sprinting.

Heisted Run N Gun SMG Fortnite

Heisted Breacher Shotgun Exotic

Exotic Heavy Shotgun that is perfect for destroying walls and cover. (destroys builds instantly)

Breacher Shotgun Fortnite

Heisted Accelerant Shotgun

Exotic Maven Shotgun that increases movement speed and fire rate as you damage enemies.

Accelerant Shotgun Exotic Fortnite

Blink Mag SMG Exotic

Exotic Twin Mag SMG that grants Zero Point Dash while double jumping for a few seconds after reloading.

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