Fortnite Update Today – Is The Heavy Shotgun Back in Fortnite? December 27 2022 Patch Notes

There’s a new Fortnite content update today. Here are the patch notes for the December 27th, 2022 server-side release.

It’s been two weeks since Epic Games announced and released the Fortnite Christmas event for the year, Winterfest.

The Christmas event is scheduled to end on January 3rd, 2023, which means players have a week to complete the challenges and open all of the presents.

The presents include two free skins, pickaxes, gliders, emotes, wraps, and more. The first skin, Guffy, was available to unlock by opening the present the outfit is hugging in the Lodge.

Since the release of the Winterfest event two weeks ago, there hasn’t been any Fortnite update which was to be expected given Epic Games employees are off until January.

All Winterfest 2022 Fortnite Presents Rewards and Quests Challenges

However, today, Epic Games have released a small content update. Here’s the only change that was made in today’s December 27th, 2022 patch release.

Heavy Shotgun Returns – Fortnite Update Patch Notes December 27th, 2022

The Heavy Shotgun had some changes made to it in the v23.00 Fortnite update when the new chapter was released.

However, it wasn’t added back to the game leaving players wondering whether the Heavy Shotgun would be added back in Fortnite in the near future.

Heavy Shotgun Return from Vault Fortnite

In today’s 27th December 2022 update, the Heavy Shotgun has been added back to Fortnite. Here’s the description for the item:

Exceptionally reliable and consistent, break out the Heavy Shotgun to fire a single slug over longer-range. Perfect for closing the gap or responding to an incoming threat!

Is the Heavy Shotgun Back in Fortnite December 27 2022

With a solid choice of shotguns to choose from already, it’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up to the two new shotguns.

We’ll likely see the Heavy Shotgun in the game until at least the end of the season. However, if the return of the heavy shotgun goes down well with the player base, it could be in the loot pool for some time.

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