Fortnite Update Today 4.10 Server Downtime, Patch Notes – 19 December 2023 (28.01.01)

Epic Games announced a brand new Fortnite update today, 4.10 (v28.01.01). The servers will go offline for scheduled maintenance, and here’s what to expect from the December 19th, 2023 release.

It’s been a week since Epic Games released the last major Fortnite update, 28.01, the first major release on Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground.

The update included the highly anticipated Fortnite Christmas Winterfest event that includes the return of certain items, new challenges, NPCs, and more.

As usual, there are a handful of free cosmetics that players can obtain daily without having to complete any of the Winterfest quests.

However, instead of opening presents from the Winterfest Cabin like we’re used to, players need to navigate to the quest tab and claim their free daily cosmetic gift.

Unlike in previous Winterfest events that required players to wait more than a week before getting their hands on one of the free skins, players got the Holiday Boxy skin and the Lego variant two days ago.

The Winterfest Bushranger skin is the other free skin that’ll be available at some point during the next couple of weeks.

With Epic Games employees set to take a well-deserved break this week, there wasn’t much expectation for any new Fortnite updates to be released until the new year.

With Epic included quests up until week 6, it seems unlikely there would be a new Fortnite update today, but Epic Games has announced that the v28.01.01 (4.10) update will be released today.

Here’s everything you need to know about today’s 19 December 2023 4.10 (v28.01.01) Fortnite update including if the servers will go down for scheduled maintenance and more.

Is Fortnite Servers Down Right Now? When Will They Be Back Up? 19 December 2023

Epic Games has pushed a few hotfix updates for both Battle Royale and Lego over the past couple of weeks, so it seemed unlikely there would be a new Fortnite update that required downtime.

However, Epic announced on the Fortnite Status Twitter account that the Fortnite servers will go down today, 19th December 2023 for scheduled maintenance.

The Fortnite servers will go down on December 19th, 2023, at 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT / 10 AM CST. Matchmaking will be disabled 30 minutes before the server downtime.

Here’s the official announcement from the Fortnite Status Twitter account:

Are Fortnite Servers Down Right Now 19 December 2023

Epic Games never states how long the Fortnite servers will be down. However, based on previous updates, we’re assuming the Fortnite servers will be back up at roughly 6 AM ET / 11 AM GMT / 12 PM CST on 19th December 2023.

We’ll update this section of the article when the Fortnite servers are back online.

Fortnite v28.01.01 (4.10) Update Patch Notes (12/19/23)

Don’t expect much in terms of new content from today’s v28.01.01 (4.10) Fortnite update. We know that this new release will address several issues that have plagued the game since the launch of the new chapter.

We also know there will be some gameplay changes that the player base has been crying out for including adjustments to movement.

Alongside the update announcement on the Fortnite Status account, Epic Games mentioned the new release on the main account.

They teased some gameplay improvement changes across the board including changes to movement.

There’s no specific information regarding the movement changes, but they tweeted a GIF of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins’ infamous “I’m not seeing enough movement” clip which all but confirms movement changes.

Fortnite v28.01.01 Update Movement Changes

We’ll update this section of the article when Epic Games releases the full patch notes for today’s 4.10  (v28.01.01) Fortnite update.

There shouldn’t be any leaks from today’s release but if there are, we’ll be sure to cover them and anything else that’s new from the release.

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