Fortnite Coordinates and QR Code for Chapter 4 Website – All Objects

The Fortnite player base is being tasked with finding Fortnite coordinates to enter into the chapter 4 website whilst the servers are down.

It’s been over an hour since the conclusion of Fortnite chapter 3 season 4. The new chapter is expected to launch tomorrow (December 4th) with a new map, features, and an all-new Battle Pass.

When Epic Games concluded the first chapter with the finale event, they introduced longer downtime than usual. With the chapter one finale, players were left staring at a black hole for two days.

Epic has used the tactic of making players wait more than ten hours before the launch of a new season. The conclusion of Fortnite chapter three is no different.

Since the end of the Fracture live event, players have been left staring at a waiting screen that includes a glimpse of the new map in the background along with their character toasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Fortnite chapter 4 loading waiting screen

There’s no information as to when players will be able to play Fortnite again when the servers are back up, although the new chapter will launch tomorrow, December 4th, 2022.

Thankfully, we do have something to do to keep us occupied. A QR code has floated across the waiting screen a couple of times. Here’s what the QR code is for and what the coordinates are that Fortnite players need to find.

Fortnite QR Code Waiting Screen

Players may have noticed the QR code during the Fortnite fracture live event on a billboard. Since the end of the event, the QR code has floated across Fortnite player’s screen more than once.

Here’s what it looks like in-game:

Fortnite QR Code 2022

If you scan the QR code, you’ll be taken to the Fortnite Chapter 4 website which you can navigate here.

Fortnite Coordinates – Chapter 4

When you first visit the Fortnite chapter 4 website, you’ll the logo for the new chapter along with text. The text on the site is, “enter coordinates and discover objects together”.

Fortnite Coordinates Website

How to Find Coordinates for Fortnite & Enter them

It appears as though in order to find the correct coordinates for the Fortnite chapter 4 website, players need to guess. The first two correct coordinate codes were guessed.

However, the third coordinates were tweeted out by Brie Larson as shown below.

How to find Fortnite Coordinates

What Are the Fortnite Coordinates – All Working Codes For Objects

Each correct coordinate you enter into the Fortnite chapter 4 website will showcase a skin or new feature or item that’ll be available when the new chapter and season launch.

Players that are struggling will want to know what are all of the working coordinates so far and what objects do they unlock. Here’s a list of the coordinates along with what they unlock. Simply enter them into the site to view the object.

Fortnite Coordinates Codes

  • New pickaxe object coordinate: 2TH-EK-33P
  • New drivable motorcycle object coordinate: KNE-LB-4ME
  • New chapter 4 season 1 Battle Pass skin: 6HU-TQ-4BY
  • Geno Battle Pass outfit: 4J5-DB-S9J


  • Doomguy skin: G9D-39-323
  • New Chapter Four weapon: RS9-L8-835
  • New Chapter Four AR: U83-8M-T5M
  • Peely Constellation: A9D-M5-BGL
  • Chapter Four Battle Bus: SEL-5U-V8N
  • Pastel Chapter Four skin: JHP-N4-4E4
  • Slap Juice: 7CD-7J-8AL
  • Webbed pistol: REL-14-Y85


  • Chest and stone fragment: TSV-M6-L46
  • Sword gun weapon: 29M-K1-51K
  • New sword pickaxe: B7T-3F-J48
  • New white chest: C7A-U9-4UF
  • New Chapter Four skin: 43B-CY-N62


Players can get a free loading screen by putting in the following code: PQVER-SBM7G-NEFB6-98BWW. You can redeem the code here.

Note: Keep an eye on the comments section for new codes in case I miss them. The comments section can be found at the bottom of the article.

Here’s a look at each object unlocked from the working coordinates so far:

What are the working coordinates in Fortnite

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