All Fortnite Summer Escape Event Leaked Free Cosmetic Rewards and Quests

Here are all of the leaked quests/challenges and free cosmetic rewards for the 2023 Fortnite summer event.

Last week, Epic Games released the v25.11 Fortnite update before their employees take a two-week summer break. During this time, there will be no major updates released.

However, in last week’s update, Epic added in the pump shotgun but with a new name, the Shark Tooth Shotgun. Alongside the new item, Epic vaulted the Kinetic Boomerang.

Players were expecting the 2023 Fortnite summer event to go live last week but that wasn’t the case. Epic then announced that the Summer Escape Fortnite event would go live today, July 4th, 2023.

Here’s the tweet officially announcing the start date and time for Summer Escape:

Fortnite Summer Escape Event Update

Data miners were unable to leak the free cosmetic rewards and quests for the summer event due to Epic encrypting them. However, they have now been decrypted and the quests and rewards have been leaked.

Here’s the list of challenges that players will be able to complete during this year’s summer event along with the cosmetic rewards available.

Fortnite Summer Escape All Leaked Quests / Challenges

In previous years, events including the summer event have had quests in both creative and battle royale. However, this year, the quests for Summer Escape are all in battle royale.

Here’s the release schedule for the quests:

  • Day 1: 16 New Quests
  • Day 2: 1 New Quest
  • Day 3: 1 New Quest
  • Day 4: 1 New Quest
  • Day 5: 5 New Quests
  • Day 6: 1 New Quest
  • Day 7: 1 New Quest
  • Day 8: 1 New Quest
  • Day 9: 4 New Quests
  • Day 10: 1 New Quest

There are three different Summer Escape quest lines, and here are all the quests available for each:

Lagoon Party Time Quests

  • Deal damage to wildlife (50)
  • Collect fish from fishing spots in a single match (3)
  • Outlast players (200)
  • Pet tamed wolves or boars in different matches (2)
  • Reveal opponents with a Flare Gun or Firework Flare Gun (7)
  • Eliminate Opponents (7)
  • Destroy Stones (10)
  • Ride wildlife to Sunswoon Lagoon (1)
  • Light a campfire (1)
  • Emote by a lit campfire (1)
  • Collect fireflies (4)
  • Light campfires in different matches (3)

Make an Entrance

  • Use a launchpad at SUnswoon Lagoon (1)
  • Travel distance while gliding (100)
  • Damage opponents while sliding or crouching (200)
  • Destroy objects while driving in a vehicle (40)
  • Mantle within 30s of busting through a door (1)
  • Damage opponents from above (200)
  • Swim distance within 5s after bouncing on an umbrella or tires (1)
  • Slide distance at Sunswoon Lagoon (50)
  • Damage opponents with explosive weapons (150)
  • Fly 100 meters in the air in a vehicle (100)
  • Destroy structures (30)

The Quench Quest

  • Gain shields (200)
  • Collect an apple, banana, and coconut (3)
  • Report back to Purradise Meowscles (1)
  • Damage opponents within 45s of getting out of the water after swimming (100)
  • Swim distance at Sunswoon Lagoon (75)
  • Eat ice cream cones (5)
  • Break slap barrels or slurp barrels (10)
  • Eliminate an opponent while under the effects of Frozen or SPicy Ice Crean Cone (1)
  • Restore health (200)
  • Search chests (7)
  • Spring while under the effects of slap (200)
  • Collect rare or better weapons (3)

All Free Summer Escape Cosmetic Rewards

Players look forward to the new items that are added to the game during a major Fortnite event or any major gameplay changes. However, players also look forward to getting their hands on the free cosmetic rewards available for completing the Summer Escape challenges.

Here are all of the free cosmetic rewards available from the Fortnite 2023 Summer Escape event:

Treezy Back Bling

Treezy Backbling

Blossom Drop Contrail

Blossom Drop Contrail

Toasted Coconut Emote

Toasted Coconut Emote

Bugsy Glider

Bugsy Glider

Artifact Axe Pickaxe

Artifact Axe

Starry Sea Wrap

Starry Sea Wrap

Nanner Buddy Back Bling

Banner Buddy Back Bling

Nanners Wrap

Nanners Wrap

Wild Fronds Back Bling

Wild Fronds Back Bling

Completing all 24 quests will also provide players with a free Summer Escape 2023 Loading Screen (featured image).

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