New Fortnite Update 4.17 1.000.128 Patch Notes – 9 March 2024

Epic Games has released a new Fortnite update today, 4.17 (1.000.128). Here are the patch notes for the 9th March 2024 release.

Players are always excited about the release of a new season, especially when the current season is drawing to an end.

Before the release of a new season, Epic releases teasers to build up hype. Typically, these teasers provide an insight into upcoming features, items, or skins that’ll be in the Battle Pass.

In the build-up for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, Epic held a mini-event that featured a titan hand and Pandora’s box.

Once the box opened, Epic released the first teaser image which continued until the day before the season’s release date.

During downtime, Epic Games released the patch notes for the new season. As expected, there were numerous map changes, new features, and new mythic items.

Unfortunately, there were issues with the release of season two, and the server downtime was much longer than originally anticipated.

When a new season is launched, the servers are usually down for roughly 3-4 hours. However, Epic ran into issues and needed to extend the downtime.

After no comment from Epic after five hours of downtime, they tweeted on the Fortnite Status account that they would need an additional eight hours of downtime.

Fortnite Servers Down MArch 8 when will they b back up

That was then extended by a further two hours, and the Fortnite servers were finally back on although Epic needed to deploy a queue to prevent server overload.

Thankfully, the servers are now up thanks to Epic releasing today’s 4.17 / 1.000.128 patch release on 9th March 2024.

Fortnite 4.17 / 1.000.128 Update Patch Notes – 03/09/2024

In order for Fortnite to work as intended, Epic needed to release another update on top of the originally released downloadable update.

The 4.17 / 1.000.128 is a small update, but players need to download it in order to play the game. It’s likely there were several issues with the update that was pushed and in order to fix them, Epic had to release another update.

There are still several issues with the game that need addressing, so it’s more than likely Epic will need to release another downloadable update to address the remaining issues.

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