How to Get Free Chrome Punk Fortnite Halloween Skin 2022 – Chrome Punk Quests

Epic Games are providing players with the chance to earn a free Fortnitemares Halloween 2022 skin called “Chrome Punk”. Here’s how you’ll be able to unlock it.

Epic has always provided a number of free cosmetics for players to unlock throughout the year. Whether that’s by placing within the top 100 in a tournament, completing a community challenge, or finishing reboot a friend quests.

Most holiday events provide players with the chance to earn further cosmetics although most of the time there aren’t any free Fortnite skins available to unlock.

However, Winterfest, the Christmas event Epic Games releases each year for Fortnite, provides players with the most free cosmetic rewards. Players can earn cosmetics by completing quests and opening presents in the Winterfest lodge.

For the past two years, players have been able to unlock two free Fortnite skins during Winterfest, but there’s been no other holiday event that provides players with the same.

However, it looks like Epic has provided better rewards this year for the Halloween-themed Fortnitemares 2022 event.

Players can earn three cosmetics through the main Fortnitemares 2022 quests. The cosmetic rewards are the Everything’s End Glider, Chrome Cage Back Bling, and the Unmaker Pickaxe.

Although not mentioned in the blog post announcing the Halloween event, data miners have leaked that players will be able to get their hands on a free Halloween skin, Chrome Punk.

Here’s a look at the Chrome Punk Fortnite skin along with how to unlock it for free.

How to Unlock Chrome Punk Free Fortnite Skin

Chrome Punk was added as a new NPC for the Fortnitemares 2022 event which ends on November 1st. Players can also unlock the skin by completing some straightforward yet time-consuming quests.

Here’s what the Chrome Punk skin looks like:

How to Get Chrome Punk Free Fortnite Skin 2022

There are a total of three Chrome Punk quests players can complete, each of which will provide a cosmetic reward.

Chrome Punk Fortnite Quests and Rewards

To unlock the Free Halloween Fortnite skin, players will need to earn 50 account levels. Here’s the full list of quests and rewards:

1. Earn 10 Account Levels Reward: Chromeseed Backbling

2. Earn 25 Account Levels Reward: Graveyard Rave Loading Screen

3. Earn 50 Accounts Levels Reward: Chrome Punk Skin

Chrome Punk Fortnite Challenges

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