How to Find and Enter a Cave in a Survival World – LEGO Fortnite Locations

Here is where you can find and enter a cave in a survival world in LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite launched earlier today after Epic Games released their final major update of the year.

So far, the mode has been well received and currently accounts for almost half the concurrent players online at the time of writing.

Players are experiencing everything new game mode has to offer including the LEGO Fortnite quest line.

There are a handful of quests players can complete in LEGO Fortnite, one of which requires players to Find and enter a cave in a Survival World.

Here’s where and how you can find and enter a cave in LEGO Fortnite.

Where and How to Find and Enter a Cave in LEGO Fortnite Survival World

Some players have been struggling to find and enter a cave in LEGO Fortnite.

Unfortunately, there’s no set spawn location on the map with each survival world being different. Some players like myself have been lucky enough to find a cave within a short distance of the original starting location when creating a new world.

Cave Locations in LEGO Fortnite Map

Your best bet is to roam around near where you spawned and hope you can find a cave. There appear to be at least a couple of caves in LEGO Fortnite in each biome.

When you do find a cave, before you enter, it’s best to come prepared. It would be best to have a bunch of torches with you to help you see as you navigate the cave.

We’d recommend throwing down torches at the entrance and as you progress through the cave to help you visibility and aid in making your way back out of the cave.

How to Find And Enter a Cave in The Survival World

We’d also recommend taking a villager with you that’ll come with a weapon to help you fend off some of the enemies you’ll come across in the LEGO Fortnite cave.

If you’re finding and entering a cave to also find Knotroot and Marble, you’ll want to bring uncommon weapons, which you can build by upgrading your crafting bench.

Knotroot and Marble can’t be broken with a common weapon, so it would be pointless to enter a cave unless you have an uncommon weapon.

In order to find and enter the cave easier the next time you want to take an adventure, we’d recommend crafting a map marker.

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