Fortnite Why Am I Waiting in Queue Today? Party Chat Not Working – 2 December 2023

Players are having to wait in a queue today (2nd December 2023) when trying to log in to Fortnite along with party chat not working properly.

After hitting new records with the launch of Fortnite Season OG, it’s finally coming to an end. Chapter 4 will conclude with the OG map being removed from the game with the conclusion of the live event.

This week, Fortnite fans broke another record with 100 million players logging in to play the OG season in November.

FN Record November

The return of the OG map has done so well that Epic Games has decided to bring back the OG map in 2024.

There’s no confirmed date it’ll return, but it’s unlikely to return in the first season of Chapter 5 with Epic likely wanting players to experience everything the new map has to offer.

We’ve already seen what Chapter 5 has to offer with the trailer already released on Fortnite’s YouTube channel.

Players can expect Lamborghini cars, modifications to items, a train traveling around the map, a new grappler, a shield you can use as cover, wall clambering, and more.

Here’s the full trailer if you haven’t seen it already.

Although there’s much to look forward to, players are having issues with the game.

Players are reporting waiting in a queue to log in to Fortnite today along with party chat not working. Here’s what we know.

Waiting in Fortnite Queue Today – December 2, 2023

Why does Fortnite say waiting in a queue?

When Epic is experiencing a high volume of players trying to log in to Fortnite at the same time, they usually deploy a queue that players will need to wait in.

We’ve seen Epic Games deploy a queue to fix any server stability issue for players who are lucky enough to log in and play the game.

Today, the Fortnite waiting-in queue issue is caused by the number of players trying to log in to experience the Big Bang live event that’ll feature Eminem.

Waiting in Queue Fortnite Today December 2 2023

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to jump the waiting in queue sign. Some players are reporting a queue time of more than 30 minutes, whilst others are reporting 20 or less.

We wouldn’t advise restarting your game as you’ll need to rejoin the queue and will likely have to wait even longer and likely miss the live event.

Fortnite Party Voice Chat Not Working

There have been numerous issues with Fortnite’s party voice chat feature not working for the past week.

Like the queue issue above, there’s nothing players can do to resolve the party chat not working. However, with chapter 5 launching tomorrow, there should be a fix deployed my Epic to address the issue.

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