Fortnite New Update Today v28.10 (4.11) Patch Notes – 23 January 2024

Epic Games has released the first major Fortnite update of the year with the v28.10 release today (4.11). Here are the patch notes for the 23rd January 2024 release.

Epic Games haven’t released a new major Fortnite update in over a month with the employees taking an extended break to recharge for the new year.

The last update introduced the Fortnite Christmas event, although it didn’t go down too well with the community due to Epic removing the Winterfest cabin and daily presents.

However, we knew a new Fortnite update would be coming eventually that would introduce new content for Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite LEGO, Rocket Racing, and the Festival game mode.

Late last night, Epic announced when the server downtime for the v28.10 (4.11) release would be. The servers went down at 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT, and are now back online.

Here are our patch notes for the v28.10 (4.11) update which we’ll update with further information once the official patch notes are posted.

Fortnite 4.11 v28.10 Patch Notes – January 23rd 2024

In today’s update, Epic added back the Anvil Rocket Launcher, an item that was first added to the game in Chapter3season2.

The Enforcer AR received a buff with the headshot damage multiplier increasing along with less recoil and faster recoil time.

Here are the full changes to the item:

Epic also updated TNTina’s bow and Jule’s Drum which could mean they’ll be making a return to the game soon.

Fortnite LEGO received some changes with Fortnite skins receiving LEGO variants along with the introduction of a dagger item and launch pad.

We’ll have more on the LEGO update in a separate article.

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