Fortnite Crew Pack November 2022 – Inkquisitor Skin

Epic Games have revealed the cosmetics that’ll be available in the next Fortnite Crew Pack for November 2022. Monthly subscribers will receive the Inkquisitor skin.

Players can get their hands on cosmetics by purchasing them from the Fortnite Item Shop or for free through challenges. The first Fortnite Crew monthly subscription pack was released last year, and for the most part, it seems to be a success.

Every month, players can get their hands on cosmetics that are exclusive to the Crew Pack subscription along with V-Bucks and the Battle Pass. There have been times in the past when players have received other perks.

On two occasions, players have been given free access to Save the World. However, it hasn’t been part of the last few crew packs, and that’s also the case for the November 2022 Fortnite Crew Pack which has just been announced.

The last crew pack included the Red Claw skin, a back bling, a wrap, a pickaxe, a loading screen, music packs, and V-Bucks. It’s still available if you sign up for the monthly subscription before November 1st.

As expected, the Inkquisitor Fortnite skin will feature in the new crew pack along with matching cosmetics.

Fortnite November 2022 Crew Pack

Inkquisitor Fortnite Skin

Inkquisitor was added to the game in last week’s v22.20 update as a boss that can be found at Grim Gables. Upon defeating the boss, players can get the mythic version of the suppressed SMG.

The November 2022 Fortnite crew pack features the Inkquisitor as the main cosmetic alongside matching cosmetics.

Here’s the full list of cosmetics in the new crew pack:

  • Inkquisitor Outfit
  • Inkquisitive Stare Back Bling – It can see you…
  • Sunken Strikers Pickaxe – Recovered treasure beyond the deep dark.
  • The Hunter’s Moon Loading Screen – The tide has turned.

Here’s a look at the cosmetics:

November Fortntie Crew Pack 2022

And here’s a look at the loading screen:

Inkquisitor Fortnite Skin

Along with the above cosmetics, active Fortnite Crew subscribers receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month., You’ll receive them on the same day as the billing date.

If you signed up on October 27th, you’ll receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month on the 27th.

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