Did Fortnite Remove Kinetic Blade? Is it Still In The Game?

Fortnite players are wondering whether the Kinetic Blade is gone or if it’s still in Fortnite.

At the start of every season of Fortnite, Epic Games change up the loot pool by vaulting and unvaulted items as well as adding in new items.

Epic has focused on introducing more unique items over the past few seasons. One of the most popular additions over the past year has been the Shockwave Hammer.

It was introduced with the release of Fortnite chapter 4 and quickly became an all-time favorite item thanks to the ability that allows players to rotate around the map and navigate their way out of bad situations.

However, the Shockwave Hammer was vaulted with the release of Fortnite chapter 4 season 2. However, it was replaced with a similar item that can both deal damage and allow players to get around the map quicker.

The Kinetic Blade was the replacement. The new addition allows players to use a basic attack, Knockback Slash, which consists of two quick slashes, both of which will deal 35 damage to an opposing player.

The second function, the Dash Attack, deals 60 damage to opponents as you charge forward. However, the majority of players will use this to travel around the map quicker.

Kinetic Blade Gone in Fortnite

Players can get away from fights or get to a fight quicker using the Kinetic Blade’s Dash Attack. If players look up and use the attack, they can take flight and not worry about fall damage on their way down.

There are two different versions, a rare and an epic version. Here are the stats for each:

The Kinetic Blade can be found across the map but the best place to get your hands on one is on the southeast side of the map at Kenjutsu Crossing.

Unfortunately, players have been having trouble finding the Kinetic Blade in Fortnite, and here’s why.

Is the Kinetic Blade Still in Fortnite or is it Gone?

Players have been wondering whether the Kinetic Blade has been removed from Fortnite as they’re no longer able to find it on the map.

Unfortunately, Epic Games announced on the official Fortnite Status Twitter account that the Kinetic Blade has been removed from all Fortnite playlists due to an issue with the fan favorite item.

The bad news doesn’t end there. Epic Games also stated that the Kinetic Blade won’t be making a return to Fortnite for the remainder of chapter 4 season 2.

Here’s the official tweet:

Kinetic Blade Removed Fortnite

For those wondering, there was a glitch that allowed players to eliminate others from any range with the Kinetic Blade.

Here are the steps players needed to take in order to do this:

  1. Players must be in the open for this to work.
  2. Disconnect wifi and dash to the players, you can use the slice feature reputedly until you feel like you’ve done 200 damage.
  3. Reconnect wifi and you’ll be teleported back and granted the kill.

Here’s a video of the glitch in action:

There’s no information on whether the Kinetic Blade will be in Fortnite next season which releases in the middle of June.

However, if it gets the same treatment as the Shockwave Hammer, expect there to be a similar item in the loot pool with the release of season three.

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