All New Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Weapons & Items – New Shotguns, AR, SMG, Shockwave Hammer

A new chapter means a whole host of new Fortnite weapons and items. Here’s a lowdown on all the new items that have been added in the v23.00 Chapter 4 Season 1 patch.

It’s been over twelve hours since chapter 3 concluded with the Fracture live event. Players have been patiently waiting to drop into the new chapter of Fortnite but have been kept somewhat busy finding coordinates to get their hands on a free loading screen.

Epic Games officially announced downtime for Fortnite chapter 4 season 1 at 3 AM ET. The launch trailer for the new chapter and season was released along with the patch notes.

The new patch notes list all of the new weapons and items that have been added in Fortnite chapter 4 season 1. Let’s take a look at everything that’s been added to the game.

Fortnite Chapter 4 New Weapons – Shotguns, SMG, AR, Shockwave Hammer

Ex-Caliber Rifle

The Ex-Caliber Rifle is a powerful, semi-automatic rifle similar to the DMR in some ways. It’ll fire a ballistic blade at enemies that’ll detonate a couple of seconds later.

Fortnite Ex-Caliber Rifle

Thunder Shotgun

Fortnite players always want the best shotgun and we have two new ones in Fortnite chapter 4. First up is the pump-action shotgun that’ll deal high damage and will shoot two rounds at a time.

Fortnite Thunder Shotgun

Maven Auto Shotgun

We have yet another auto shotgun in Fortnite. The Maven Auto Shotgun is an automatic, fast-firing shotgun with moderate damage and range.

Fortnite Maven Auto Shotgun

Red-Eye Assault Rifle

We have a new automatic assault rifle in the Red-Eye Assault Rifle. It has a custom red dot sight for improved accuracy with a controlled fire rate.

Fortnite Red-Eye Assault Rifle

Twin Mag SMG

As you’d expect from the name of this new Fortnite chapter 4 SMG, the Twin Mag SMG has a double-sided magazine for a fast reload. As you’d expect, this SMG is automatic and fast-firing.

Fortnite Twin Mag SMG

Tactical Pistol

Every new chapter and season of Fortnite needs a trusty pistol. The Tactical Pistol is an automatic, powerful sidearm that can deal some serious damage.

Fortnite Tactical Pistol

Shockwave Hammer

We have a new type of weapon being added to the loot pool in Fortnite chapter 4 season 1. The Shockwave Hammer is a melee weapon that will deal damage to opponents as well as launch them far away.

The Fortnite Shockwave Hammer can also be used to launch you and your teammates in the year. This will definitely make for some highlight reel eliminates.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 New Healing Items and Drones

There are new healing items in Fortnite chapter 4 season 1. Here’s a list of the new items along with information on the new drone.

Slap Berries

The Slap Berries fruit will provide you with health as well as a short boost of unlimited energy regen so you can stay sprinting for longer.

Fortnite Slap Berry

Slap Juice

Slap Juice will grant more health than a Slap Berry as well as a longer temporary energy regen.

Fortnite Slap Juice

Sky Jellies

If you can’t find any healing items, look for Sky Jellies. These jellyfish allow for a bounce effect experience as well as healing some of your health.

Fortnite Sky Jelly

Flying Drones

Flying drones will be around certain locations on the map that are dubbed hot spots. Take down the drones to get the loot including high-rarity weapons.

Fortnite Hot Spot Drone


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