All Free Epic Games Store Leaked List – December 2022 Daily Hints (29th)

Here’s a list of all the free Epic Games store games in December 2022 along with leaks of some of the games that could be provided later on in the month.

If there’s one thing Epic Games are good at, it’s providing free things for players. Every year, Epic provides Fortnite players with dozens of free cosmetics from tournaments, community events, and holiday events including Winterfest.

This year has been no different with Epic providing several cosmetics for free. However, they don’t usually include skins/cosmetics unless you place high enough in tournaments. However, the Winterfest event that’s currently ongoing provides players with two free skins.

Fortnite Guff Chrismas Gringle Skin 2022 Free

PC players can get their hands on an additional free skin if they access the Fortnite Item Shop through the Epic Games launcher, more on that here.

Last year, PC players could get their hands on a new free game each day on the Epic Games Store. A total of fourteen games were available for free.

This year, Epic Games are providing players with fifteen free games with a new game available each day. Here’s a look at all the free Epic Games store games that have been released so far along with leaks for the rest of the month.

Epic Games Free Mystery Game December 2022

Epic Games Store Free Mystery Games List – December 2022

Here’s the list of the games that have already been released in December 2022 on the Epic Games store:

  • Dec 15th – Bloons TD6
  • Dec 16th – Horizon Chase Turbo
  • Dec 17th – Costume Quest 2
  • Dec 18th – Sable
  • Dec 19th – Them’s Fightin’ Herds
  • Dec 20th – Wolftenstein The New Order
  • Dec 21st – A Lego game
  • Dec 22nd – Fall out 1, 2, and tactics
  • Dec 23rd – Encased – LEAKED
  • Dec 24th – Metro Last Light Redux
  • Dec 25th – Death Stranding (original game)
  • Dec 26th – F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch
  • Dec 27th – Severed Steel
  • Dec 28th – Mortal Shell
  • Dec 29th – Leaked below

December 21st Epic Games Free Game 2022 Hint

Leaked Epic Games Store Free Games – December 21st, 2022

Each day, there’s a clue for the new mystery-free Epic Games store game. Based on the wrapper for today’s December 21st, 2022, it looks like it’ll be a Lego game.

  • Dec 21st – A Lego game

Update 1: The December 21st game is Lego Builder’s Journey.

December 22nd 2022 Mystery Game 8 Hint

Here’s the wrapping hint for the 8th free game for December 22nd:

Mystery Game 8 Epic Hint

Based on what Reddit users are saying, it looks like the December 22nd, 2022 game will be a Fallout game.

As some of the users in the comments section below this article have suggested, the hint could be for Duke Nukem or Stalker. UPDATE: The game is Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics.

December 23rd Game 9 Hint

Here’s the hint for game 9, releasing on December 23rd, 2022:

December 23rd Epic Games Free Game Hint

Let us know what you think it is in the comments section below.

Update: The game for December 23rd, 2022, has been leaked. Encased will be the free game.

December 24th 2022

Here’s the hint for game 10 releasing on December 24th, 2022:

Epic Games Free Game December 24th Hint

We’ll update this if there are any leaks.

The game 10 is Metro Last Light Redux .

December 25th 2022 Game 11

Here’s the wrapping paper hint for Game 11 releasing on December 25th, 2022:

December 25th 2022 Free Epic Games Store Game 11 Hint

Based on the necklace symbol seen on the wrapping paper, it’s assumed Death Stranding will be the free game on Christmas day.

Update: A leak confirms Death Stranding (original game) will be the 11th free Epic Games store game on December 25th.

December 26th, 2022

Here’s the wrapping paper hint for the Epic Games free game #12 releasing on 26th December 2022:

December 26 2022 Epic Games Hint Free Game 12

The 12th Game has already been leaked. The December 26th, 2022 free game is F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch.

December 27th, 2022

Here’s the hint for game 13:

27th hint Epic Games Free Game December 2022

The game has been leaked ahead of time. The free Epic Games store game on December 27th, 2022 is Severed Steel.

December 28th, 2022 Free Christmas Game Leaked Mystery 14 Hint

A notorious leaker on Deal Labs provided a better hint at what the December 22nd game will be with the following text:

“I’m also proud of my Kabyle origins”

The text was posted with the following symbol:

December 28th Free Epic Games Game

An analysis of the text and symbol was posted by a Reddit user along with other Redditors that confirms the free game on the 28th might Assassins Creed Origin.

UPDATE: The free game for December 28th, 2022 will be Mortal Shell.

December 29th Game 15 Free Christmas Game Leaked Mystery 15 Hint

The free game for December 29th unfortunately won’t get leaked. However, we do know it’s supposed to be a worthwhile game from a very well-known studio.

UPDATE: The free and final Epic Games store game for December 29th, 2022 i s Dishonored: Definitive Edition

Epic Games free game store December 29 2022 hint leak

Last year, games would get leaked a couple of days before being revealed. If we see any leaks, we’ll be sure to update this along with our usual daily updates with the hints and update the already released games list.

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