New Fortnite Update Today 24.40 (3.90) Patch Notes – 17th May 2023

Epic Games will be releasing a brand new Fortnite update today, 24.40 (3.90). Here are the early patch notes for today’s release.

Two weeks ago, Epic Games released the third major update for Fortnite chapter 4 season 2. The update included another Star Wars collaboration with new cosmetics being made available to purchase from the item shop.

We also had a new set of quests for the collaboration called “Find The Force”. Players earned Galactic Reputation upon completing these quests which provided players with the chance to unlock free cosmetic rewards.

Players could also purchase the premium reward track that provides additional Star Wars-themed cosmetics including Darth Maul and two different Storm Trooper outfits.

Since then we’ve only had a patch release that addressed stability issues that were introduced with the release of the v24.30 patch update.

However, we knew we would be getting a new Fortnite update today, 24.40 (3.90). It’s the penultimate update of the season with chapter 4 season 3 expected to release on June 9th if there aren’t any unforeseen delays.

With that said, we know what we can expect to see in today’s 24.40 update, and we’ve listed everything we know so far about today’s update below.

Fortnite Server Scheduled Downtime Today

As we’ve come to expect, Epic Games will take down the Fortnite servers today (16th May, 2023), in order to prepare them for the 24.40 update.

The Fortnite Status Twitter account announced that server downtime will start at 3 AM ET / 8 AM BST with matchmaking being disabled shortly beforehand, likely thirty minutes prior.

As usual, Epic hasn’t announced how long the servers will be down. However, we’d expect them to be down for at least a couple of hours, which means the servers should be back online at roughly 5 AM ET / 10 AM on May 17th, 2023.

Here’s the tweet from the official Fortnite Status Twitter account:

UPDATE: The v24.40 update has been delayed.

May 17th Fortnite 24.40 Update Today

We’ll update this article when the servers are officially back online.

Fortnite Update 3.90 (24.40) Patch Notes – 17th May 2023

Ranked Play

We already knew the 24.40 Fortnite update would include the release of the first Fortnite Ranked mode. Epic teased the release of ranked in a tweet and later released a blog post with further information.

The 3.90 (24.40) update includes ranked for both the normal Battle Royale and the Zero Build game modes. There are a total of eight ranks which are listed below:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Elite
  • Champion
  • Unreal

Here’s a look at the rank icons:

Fortnite Ranked Mode Icons

The release of Ranked means the popular Arena mode will be permanently disabled once the servers are back online once v24.40 has been released.

Epic has also announced materials caps will be decreased from 999 to 500 with today’s update.

Fortnite X Spider-Verse Collaboration – Miles Morales Skin

Fortnite data miners leaked that a Fortnite x Spider-Verse collaboration would be coming at some point in the future.

It looks like that collaboration will go live at some point in the next week. If leaks are correct, we should see 2 skins make their way into the item shop to purchase along with the release of new Web shooters.

Miles Morales Fortnite Skin

Like the Star Wars collaboration, the Spider-Verse collaboration will include challenges that players can complete, but there’s no word on if any free cosmetic rewards will be available.

A tweet teasing the collaboration all but confirms that there will be a Miles Morales Fortnite skin, again, something that was leaked months ago by data miners.

Fortnite x Spider-Verse Collaboration

We can expect the usual leaks from today’s 24.40 (3.90) Fortnite update including the June Crew skin, event leaks if there’ll be an event to conclude the season, cosmetic leaks, and the final set of quests being leaked.

We’ll be covering everything from today’s new Fortnite update over here, so be sure to head there during downtime.

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