Is a Mr Beast Fortnite Skin Coming in Chapter 4

Mr Beast is trending on Twitter right now with many anticipating a skin of the popular content creator after the conclusion of the Fracture live event.

Almost one year ago, Epic Games launched the third chapter of their popular Fortnite battle royale game. The chapter concluded with the conclusion of the fracture live event.

During the event, players were tasked with finding zero point balls. After enough time had passed, more locations on previous maps were added to the game.

Not only were players able to find and collect these zero point energy balls that are floating around, they could also break objects, play flashbacks, and complete other tasks to earn them.

The feedback on social media for the Fracture live event isn’t the best. Personally, I’d put it up there as one of the worst events we’ve had so far for multiple reasons.

There wasn’t much to the storyline but if anyone has played the game long enough, you’d know Epic doesn’t do a fantastic job of piecing the storyline together to make sense.

Spending just over forty minutes running around broken parts of the map and collecting energy balls isn’t what I’d label as fun. However, I’m sure there were plenty of players that enjoyed it.

During the event, we saw some Fortnite skins that would be coming in Fortnite chapter 4 including The Hulk, The Witcher, and Doom Slayer. However, there’s another skin that was teased during the cinematic ending to the event that has everyone talking.

Fortnite Mr Beast Skin

Jimmy Donaldson, known as Mr Beast, was briefly featured in the event and it led to many people suggesting we could be getting a Mr Beast Fortnite skin. At the 49-second mark of the “A New Beginning” trailer, you can see Mr Beast being dragged into the new map.

Mr Beast in Fortnite

Epic Games would feature Mr Beast unless he would be coming to the game as a skin. However, we don’t know when exactly he’ll be available to obtain in the game.

It’s extremely unlikely he’ll be part of the Battle Pass. After all, we’ve never had an ICON series outfit in any of the previous Battle Passes. It’s likely we’ll see him available in the item shop within the first month of Fortnite chapter 4 season 1.

Mr Beast Fortnite Skin

We’ll have to wait and see when Mr Beast comes to Fortnite but we do know he’ll be coming to the Fortnite universe at some point. Let us know in the comments section below if you’ll be purchasing the outfit once it’s available.

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