How to Get Fortnite Chapter 4 Twitch Drops Free Zero Fragment Back Bling

There are two new Fortnite cosmetics you can earn from Twitch Drops, which are the Zero Fusion Music Pack and the Zero Fragment Back Bling and here is what you need to do.

A new chapter of Fortnite Battle Royale has been released today and there are many new mechanics, weapons/items and a brand new map for you to explore.

One of the main additions to the game this season is the Reality Augments, which can really aid you during your game with different perks, including reloading certain weapons quicker, regenerating health in large foliage, seeing the new storm circle and more. If you want to read up on all the perks you can be offered, click here.

With the launch of chapter 4 of Fortnite, Epic have decided to give away two free cosmetics, which are the Zero Fusion Music Pack and the Zero Fragment Back Bling and here is how you can claim them.

Fortnite Chapter 4
Fortnite Chapter 4

Fortnite Twitch Drops – Claim Zero Fragment Back Bling For Free

In order to claim these items for free, you first need to connect your Twitch account with your Epic Games Fortnite accounts together, or you will not be able to use the cosmetics on your account.

Once you have done that, all you need to do is to watch a streamer who has the drops enabled. These streamers will have in the title something along the lines of ‘Drops Enabled’ or ‘Drops On’, but you can click here for a list of streamers currently playing Fortnite.

Once you have clicked on a stream that has the drops enabled, you should see a Twitch Drops notification where the comments are so you know that watching the stream will make you eligible for the rewards. You can dismiss the message or view details to read more about it.

Fortnite Twitch Drops
Fortnite Twitch Drops

To claim the Zero Fusion Music Pack, you will need to be watching a stream for 15 minutes. In order to claim the Zero Fragment Back Bling, you will need to be watching for 30 more minutes, which means you 45 minutes in total to claim both of the rewards for free.

To see if you have watched enough of the stream to earn the rewards, you can click here to see the progress.

Fortnite Twitch Drops in Progress
Fortnite Twitch Drops in Progress

You will also need to claim the items once they have been made available, which should then be on your account when you log in next. You must claim them on Twitch first and there will be a ‘Claim Now’ button over the cosmetic so you know when you can do it.

Fortnite Twitch Drops - Claim
Fortnite Twitch Drops – Claim

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to claim the Zero Fusion Track first and then you can watch 30 minutes of a stream again to unlock the Zero Fragment Back Bling. If you watch 45 minutes of a stream before claiming the Zero Fusion Track, it will not count towards the progress of the Back Bling.

Any questions, please feel free to drop a comment below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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