Fortnite OG v27.11 (4.07) Update – Server Downtime, Patch Notes, Loot Pool, Map Changes – 21 November 2023

Epic Games has announced the next new Fortnite update for the OG season, v27.11 (4.07).  Here’s everything you need to know including scheduled server downtime, early patch notes, and more.

Last week, Epic Games released the first major Fortnite update for the Chapter 4 OG season, v27.10.

The update included some new cosmetics being added to the files along with map changes to the Chapter 1 Season 7 & 8 map as well as loot pool changes.

We knew before the season started that we would only be getting two new Fortnite updates in the OG season and with one update already released, there’s only one remaining.

The Fortnite OG season is expected to end in just under two weeks, and it looks like the next and final Fortnite OG update is coming sooner than many expected.

Epic Games announced on Twitter through the Fortnite Status account that the v27.11 (4.07) update will be released today, 21 November 2023, just a few days after the last release.

As expected, Epic has provided information regarding the scheduled downtime for the latest release, and we already have the early patch notes from the patch notes when the season launched.

Here’s everything you need to know about the v27.11 (4.07) Fortnite update.

Update File Download Size

Today’s v27.11 release isn’t a hotfix update. That means players will need to download the release in order to play the game.

Once the update is pushed live across all platforms, we’ll update the section below with the downloadable file size for the 4.07 update.

Xbox Series X|S:
Xbox One:
Nintendo Switch:

Be sure to check back later if you want to see the download size for the latest update.

Fortnite 27.11 (4.07) OG Update Season 9 & X Patch Notes – November 21 2023 (11/21/23)

When Fortnite OG was released a few weeks ago, Epic Games provided players with an insight into what they could expect to see throughout the month-long season.

The patch notes that were released provided information in regards to the loot pool and map changes Epic will release as well as the dates these updates would be available.

Thanks to that post, we know what we can expect to see with the release of the v27.11 (4.07) patch update today.

Map Changes

It’s important to note that the below changes will not go live in-game until November 23rd.

Today’s release will see the return of the Season 9 and Season X map. However, Epic didn’t confirm or outline any of the changes coming with the return to the season 9 map in the patch notes.

We do know the comment will reappear on the map but apart from that, we’re not sure what other map changes the v27.11 update will bring.

Fortnite Map Changes v27.11 4.07 Season 9 X

Loot Pool Changes

Similar to the map changes, the loot pool changes for Season 9 & Season X will not go live until Thursday, 23rd November.

One of the best parts of the current season is the weekly changes to the loot pool, keeping things fresh and interesting with the constant cycle of item changes.

Thanks to the patch notes released at the start of the season, we know that the Heavy Sniper Rifle, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Air Strike, and Junk Rift will all be making a return.

4.07 Fortnite Loot Pool Changes Season 9 & X

The Storm Flip and Jetpack will also be returning.

Although originally introduced in season 8, Epic Games will be adding The Baller to the map on Thursday.

Players have been waiting for the return of The Baller since the new season was released, and they’ll have just over a week to use the popular vehicle.

The Baller Return to Fortnite

With this being the final update of the season, we should see the remaining end-of-season event files being added to the game.

It’s likely data miners will leak parts of the event including what’s likely going to happen during the event.

Fortnite Scheduled Server Downtime Right Now and When Will They Be Back Up Today – 21 November 2023

When Epic releases a new major Fortnite update, they need to take the servers offline for scheduled maintenance.

Today’s 4.07 update is not different with Epic confirming the Fortnite servers will be offline today, 21st November 2023.

The Fortnite servers will go down today at 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT / 10 AM CET on 21 November 2023.

Here’s the official tweet from the Fortnite Status account announcing the scheduled server downtime for 11/21/23:

Fortnite Server Downtime Right Now 21 November 2023

Epic has stated how long the Fortnite servers will be down for and when they’ll be back up, but based on previous patch releases, we’d expect them to be down for roughly two hours.

That means the servers should be back online at roughly 6 AM ET / 11 AM GMT / 12 PM CET.

We’ll update this section of the article when the servers are officially back online.

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