Fortnite 22.30 Update 3.72 Today Early Patch Notes – 1 November 2022 – Fortnite Servers Down, Download File Size

Epic Games have announced a new Fortnite update for today, v22.30 (3.72). Here are the early patch notes for the 1st November 2022 release.

The Fortnitemares 2022 Halloween was released two weeks ago and has now concluded. Players were able to earn themselves three free cosmetics by completing the Fortnitemares quests.

The cosmetics were a back bling, a pickaxe, and a glider. Other less sought-after rewards like a spray and contrail were also available by completing certain quests.

There’s still no information on the free Fortnite Chrome Punk skin. Originally, data miners stated that the skin would be free by earning fifty account levels.

However, there was no information regarding when the Chrome Punk would be available but data miners did state that there was no scheduled date as to when players would have to achieve the fifty account levels.

How to Get Chrome Punk Free Fortnite Skin 2022

Based on the fact that it’s a Halloween-themed skin, there’s a chance Epic decided not to release the skin and quests to get the skin for free. However, we’ll likely know for certain with the release of the next new Fortnite update.

We already know when the next Fortnite update will be released, today, November 1st, 2022. Here’s all the information we know so far about the 22.30 (3.72) Fortnite update.

Fortnite Scheduled Maintenance Server Downtime – November 1, 2022

Epic Games almost always announce a new Fortnite update a day before it’s scheduled to go live. The v22.30 Fortnite update is no different with Epic releasing a tweet on the official Fortnite Status Twitter account.

The 3.72 patch will require server downtime with the Fortnite servers scheduled to go down at 4 AM ET (8 AM GMT). Matchmaking will be disabled shortly before 4 AM although no exact time was specified.

Here’s the tweet:

22.30 Fortnite Update Are Servers Down November 1

When Will the Fortnite Servers Be Back Up? Current Status

When Epic Games announce a new update and state when the servers will go offline for maintenance, they never mention how long the servers will be down.

However, from the previous few updates, we can assume the servers will be down for around two hours. That means the servers should be back online at approximately 6 AM ET / 10 AM GMT.

We’ll update the below server status when they’re back online.

Fortnite server status (1st November 2022) – 

Early 3.72 (v22.30) Fortnite Patch Notes – November 1st, 2022

Usually, data miners leak what could potentially be added in a new Fortnite update. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with today’s v22.30 (3.72) update.

There’s no information on what new features and items we can expect today. However, we do know that Epic Games will be adding three “beloved” characters to the game tomorrow once downtime ends.

We don’t know the characters that’ll be added but there’s no doubt they’ll be leaked during downtime. Along with the beloved characters being added to the game, there will be other in-game surprised.

Again, we don’t know what these in-game surprises are but they should be leaked by data miners during downtime. The cosmetics are likely to be collaboration cosmetics and will include the following:

  • Three skins
  • Three back blings
  • Three pickaxes
  • One emote
  • One glider

We’ll be covering everything from today’s v22.30 (3.72) Fortnite update, so be sure to check this page during downtime.

Fortnite 3.72 (22.30) Update Download File Size

As soon as the 22.30 Fortnite update is available to download on all platforms, we’ll list the file size for each below. Be sure to check back if you want to know how large the 3.72 patch is.

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