All Fortnite Winterfest 2022 Presents Rewards & Challenges / Quests Leaked

Here’s the list of all the Fortnite Winterfest 2022 presents cosmetic rewards and quests/challenges that’ll be available for this year’s Christmas event.

Every year, the holiday event Fortnite players look forward to most is the Christmas event. The first Christmas event was called “14 Days of Fortnite”.

The following year, the first Winterfest event was released followed by the Operation: Snowdown event which didn’t go down well with the community.

Last year, Winterfest made a return with the lodge and daily presents making a much-welcomed return to the game.

Thankfully, Epic Games decided to stick with the Winterfest Fortnite event for 2022. All the information on the event has been revealed over here.

However, data miners have revealed more information including all of the Winterfest 2022 present rewards and all the quests that’ll be available during the event.

All Winterfest Presents Fortnite 2022

Fortnite Winterfest Presents have returned in 2022. There will be 14 presents with players able to open a new one each day from the lodge. There’s a total of seventeen cosmetics available from the 2022 Fortnite Winterfest Presents.

Here’s a look at each of the Winterfest presents rewards for 2022:

Sled Ready Guff Skin – “The forecast calls for Guff”

Sled Ready Guff Fortnite Skin

Arctic Adeline Fortnite Skin – “Tis the season for fashion”

Rip & Tear Music Pack

Fa-la-la-Llama Back Bling

Fa-la-la-Llama Back Bling

Wintry Whirligig Glider – “A cracked spin on festive flight

Wintry Whirligig Glider

Ribbon Trail Contrail – “Make your presents known

Ribbon Trail Contrail

Fractured Melody Music Pack

When the Wind Blows Music Pack

Sledgecracker Pickaxe – “It’s about to get nuts

Sledgecracker Fortnite Pickaxe

Gringle Gift Wrap

Gringle Gift Wrap

Slushy Sneak Wrap

Slushy Sneak Wrap

Lil’ Prancer Emote – “Dash away, Dash away

Lil' Prancer Fortnite Emote

Har-Har-Har! Glider – “He sees you when you’re gliding

Har-Har-Har Glider

Boom Bauble Emoticon, Slush-Faced, Season’s Guffings, and Naughty or Nice? Sprays

All Winterfest Fortnite 2022 Quests / Challenges

Here’s a list of all the quests that’ll be available during Fortnite Winterfest 2022:

  • Play matches (1, 3, 10, 15, 25)
  • Deal damage with a shotgun (50)
  • Deal damage with a pistol (250)
  • Restore health (300)
  • Decorate traffic lights for Winterfest (3)
  • Throw Holiday Presents at different named locations (3)
  • Check the Cozy Lodge each day to possibly find a slice of pizza (3)
  • Pop out of a giant snowball and damage players within 10 seconds (250)
  • Run over holiday decorations with vehicles (3)
  • Deal damage to opponents while standing on the snow or ice (75)
  • Earn XP in creator made experiences (50000)


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